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What to consider when hiring an elopement photographer

One thing that we can actually be grateful for in 2020, is the rise in elopements. As a photographer who has always specialized in elopements, micro weddings, and really any intimate moment (did you know I offered boudoir?!) – I have to say that I am a huge fan of this new “trend”. Because the search for an elopement photographer is rising in popularity, I decided to put together a “what to consider when hiring an elopement photographer” blog for you all today, because I think it is such an important topic!

Before we get too far into it, can I quickly introduce myself in case you are new around here?. I’m Krissy, from Krissy Mae photography, and as you have probably guessed by now, I am an Arizona based elopement photographer. You can take a look at my elopement photography packages here or browse my portfolio of my stunning wedding couples (and several jaw dropping individuals) here. I don’t know you, but I can already tell I would love to include you in my portfolio. I fall in love with each and every one of couples. So make sure to inquire here.

Fun and unique desert engagement photo poses in Arizona
Fun and unique desert engagement photo poses in Arizona

Questions to Ask Your Elopement Photographer

Research is more than asking your elopement photographer, a list of questions you found on the internet. Let’s be real. Make sure you like their style. Are they dark and moody? True to life color editing? Light and airy? Is there work consistent enough that you will know exactly what you are getting on your wedding day? That’s the first box you want to check in your search for an elopement photographer.

Then, ask to see a full gallery. Anyone can take a few great photos at a wedding, but you’re going to want to see a full wedding gallery to make sure that the photographer you want to hire captured all the most important moments. From the getting ready photos to a first look, to family portraits and more. There are endless important moments on a wedding day and you only get one opportunity to catch them most of the time. It really is important to make sure you see a full gallery before booking your elopement photographer.

bride and groom dancing in the arizona desert
black and white engagement photos in Arizona desert

Check Out Social Media and Read their Reviews

If you’ve followed me for any length of time I hope you know that I really value making the world a more beautiful place. It is always my goal on a couples wedding date (or for any photo session) that my people leave feeling like they love themselves a little more, ideally as much as I love them. I’m constantly talking about how much I love my couples. The reason I mention that, is that you want to check out your elopement photographer’s social media to get a sense of their vibe.

Make sure that you feel confident that you are going to connect with them on the day. But – you also want to see who’s interacting with them and what their reviews are like. Don’t be afraid to ask to see reviews or testimonials or even talk to past couple! This is a big decision and you need to feel confident your elopement photographer is going to be a good fit for you. Google reviews or Facebook reviews are also a great place to learn more about a photographer before you hire them! See what qualities people are raving (or complaining) about!

bride and groom kissing in the arizona desert
bride and groom dancing in the arizona desert

Check your elopement photographer’s contract!

Let’s talk logistics. I know this is something that none of us want to talk about, but after 2020, I really feel like it’s important. You need to be aware of everything in their contract: from the planning process, to what payments look like to their COVID policy. Are they going to let you reschedule your wedding day for any reason? Or only if their is a government mandate? What counts as Force Majeure? No matter what the answer, these nuances are incredibly important to know before you book. A solid contract between you and your elopement photographer protects both of you. Please don’t skip this step even though it’s not the most fun!

bride and groom dancing in the arizona desert
Bride and groom elopement photos
dancing in the desert for bride and groom photos

Engagement Photos Before Your Elopement

Next, I want to talk about engagement photos. I told you I would get to the fun stuff. I highly recommend that even though you’re just eloping, you invest in an engagement photo session. Engagement photos give you a chance to get comfortable with you and yours in front of the camera. You also get to practice a few poses that you might not want to try for the first time on your wedding day. I love to get creative so don’t rule anything out. I’m always down to try even the craziest things on your Pinterest board. Also, engagement photos are also a great way for the three of us to get to know each other. Before I basically third wheel on your entire wedding day with you that is!

Arizona engagement photos with a dog
Arizona engagement photos with a dog
Arizona engagement photos with a dog
Arizona engagement photos with a dog

Do you need two photographers for your elopement?

For larger weddings, it’s always highly recommended to have a second shooter (a second photographer to assist your main wedding photographer). For elopements, it’s a bit different. I feel pretty confident that I can capture all of the most important moments but it still might be worth considering adding a second photographer to your day. No matter how quick we are, we can’t possibly capture two moments that happened at the same time. So for the most part, even though I can pivot very quickly, I’m either capturing one of the partners first looks down the aisle or the other, but I can’t capture both at the exact same time. More photos is always better right? A second photographer might not be a “need” for an elopement, but it’s never a bad idea.

Arizona desert elopement photos
Arizona desert elopement photos

Booking an Elopement Photographer

I hope this has left you with at least a little food for thought on what to consider on your wedding day. When you’re looking to hire ANY photographer, it’s always important that you actually like the person because they spend so much time with you on your wedding day. Nut for an elopement when it literally might just be them, you and your boo, and the officiant, it’s even more important. With most Arizona desert elopements, I spend the entire day with you, which is not only the ceremony, but also the hike to get to your dreamy desert location! I absolutely love connecting with my couples and getting to know them personally but I want to encourage you to get to know me before you book too! Let’s make sure the three of us are going to have the best day ever.

I can’t wait to celebrate with you! If you’re looking for a photographer in the Arizona area (or beyond), make sure to reach out here. In the meantime, make sure to connect with me on Instagram, DM me and say, you found me on the blog. Nothing makes my heart happier and fills my cup up more than connecting with new faces.

Black and white desert elopement photographer



What to consider when hiring an elopement photographer

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