My name is Kristina Johnson also known as Krissy Mae and I love God, fries, and a plane ticket anywhere. On most days you can find me on Pintrest planning my next big trip or figuring out how to DIY something to add to my house.

One of the most important philosophies that I learned in life is to give yourself permission to enjoy the process of everything we do in life. I use this same philosophy in my business, I plan to always enjoy what I do and let my energy spread to others. Life isn’t meant to be wasted but to be lived and I intend to capture the important parts of life for you.


Current Obsessions:

- Mystery/Thriller Audio books

- Lizzo is currently my spirit animal along with beluga whales

- All the french fries

- Jesus!

Dream Travel Spots:

- Tulum, Mexico to relax on the beach

- Anchorage, Alaska to see the northern lights

- Tuscany, Italy to get my Eat,Pray, Love on

Ideal Client:

- People who love to laugh and have a good time and don’t take life seriously.

- Who have a genuine love for themselves and the people around them.

- Want to go on an adventure

- Would love to talk your favorite snacks with me

Embrace the glorious mess that you are
— Elizabeth Gilbert