Alternate Wedding Venues for A Intimate Wedding

Is trying to get married during a pandemic still a hassle for you, have you though about alternate wedding venues for a intimate wedding? If not, let me introduce myself! My name is Krissy and I am a intimate wedding and elopement photographer based out in Phoenix, Arizona. I am here to give you a little advice to help you dream up and inspire out of the box venues for you to say your “I do’s.”

I made a video just for you that’s only 3 minutes long. This video, which is also on my IG (you can follow me here will give you the down low to some ideas I thought of. If are not much into watching the whole thing and just want to me to get to the point. Keep scrolling for the cliff notes, happy reading!


You will have to be very strategic about who you invite to your intimate wedding, not everyone can come. The good news is , there is something so magical about being in a place called home. There are memories in the hallways and laughter in each room. Can you image walking into a magically backyard that you spent memories in before?! Your whole family be apart of your day from your aunt cooking your favorite meal to having your cousin be your personal DJ for the night.


Just getting back from Beaches at Turks and Caicos, I have to say that this is such a great idea for a wedding. The goal of looking for alternate wedding venues for a intimate wedding. The ocean in the background and you saying your nuptials. You family watching you and your boo and the ocean being its magnificent self. If you have a infinity to water this a lake or beach is the place for you to be. Plus, if you choose a beach that is on a resort then all the hard work can be done for you.


Yachts are not just for the rich and famous, you can ride one too. A dear friend of mind had her wedding on a yacht and it was so much fun. The cool thing about it is you can rent the boat our for a few hours or half a day. You can have a small group of 25 people, a local Mexican restaurant catered, and DJ played all of our favorite songs. I mean sailing away into the sunset sounds like utter bliss to me.


All of the places and venues that I have mentioned before can all be done at an Airbnb in some shape or form. The cool thing about this type of venue is your can have it anywhere you want. You can rent a house as big as you want, with as little people as you want. I love to stay in Airbnb’s because it feels like there is personality and every house is different from the next. It’s like having a feel of home without actually being home.

If you are intrigued and you want to know more of how you can have a wedding that is customized to you and your boo you can contact me here. We can work together to plan the best day for the both of you to celebrate anywhere in the world that you can image.

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