Why are Senior Portraits Important?

We all know that this is the time where a fraction of seniors have already had their portraits taken and others who are still trying to figure out why these pictures are important. I am speaking to those parents and those seniors who are still on the fence on why they should invest in this. Well let me give you a few reasons:


Just like any huge event in your life if you do not stop and smell the roses, looking around, take in the sights; life will just pass you by. There are so many factors to think about and worry about during your senior year capturing photos can be the last thing on your mind, I know, I get it. 


I promise you this, you are going to want these photos to look back on whether its to share with your friends the glow up your had or to prove that you always looked as good as you do.


From the invitations to the social media post that your entire family will do. It is important to them to hang your invitation on their fridge and brag about you to all of their friends. So why not have professional done photos that you approve to be posted on social media to stay on the internet forever? 


I am pretty sure you have heard the saying it ain’t official until it’s Instagram official. The same could be said about you, if there is not post from you or about you graduating did it even happen?

You did something a lot of people don’t you have made it through the drama, the tears, the laughter, and the fun. So why are you not investing in something that will last a life time?

I can say that I did not have a great experience when it came to my portraits my senior year and I am making it my mission to let the bad experience end with me. So I want you to enjoy your senior year and have those photos hanging in your grandmas house or in your living room because you my dear DESERVE it!

Kristina JohnsonComment