No matter if you have everything planned or your are just starting out. No matter how near or far you want to go. I would love to take this journey with you and customize it in a way that is a direct reflect of the two of you. 

So lets start this journey together and get you married.


Your special day is about celebrating love and all of its forms. From marring the one you love, with the people you love, in the place that reminds you most of your love.

The reason I am so passionate about you is because I believe you are worth it! You DESERVE to be celebrated, to feel happy, and confident in your own skin doing whatever the heck you wanna do! 

You deserve to get married your way

Eloping just hits different

I believe every couple has the right to have a wedding that represents their identity. That each couple should be intimately celebrated for their union. No  overwhelming stress, drama, or worry about what others will think. Just you both have the freedom to focus on the one you love most and be present on your special day curated in a way that feels real and authentic to both of you. 

Its a day full of experiences without the fluff. Its just the two of you living in the "NOW" and loving each other while doing things that make you happy, seen, and loved. Nothing feels better than to be with the one you love starting your marriage off just catering to the two of you all day long. 

IN the best way possible

Stephanie NG

Krissy is super nice and very engaging. I really appreciate how she’s a proponent of being your best self and whatever that means to you. She takes the time to get to know you and so you can discuss any concerns or questions. Some people feel self-conscious about different things or maybe you want certain photos. She definitely has an eye for background and shot set up. Nothing feels overly posed because she prompts you with movements and sometimes a joke here and there. She also doesn’t mind putting in the extra work (I.e. traveling, carrying your shoes, setting up a changing tent, etc.) to get you the best photos. It was a great experience and honestly, she’s a champ. I would recommend her to couples for adventure engagement photos, elopements and even weddings

A past client's real words ......

✔Unlimited consultations and communication
✔ Notion Elopement Planning Guide 
✔ Narrative-driven photographs
✔ All photos for your keepsake
✔ No set limit on images, yours to keep and print
✔ Availability via text, email, and Facetime throughout the planning process

What's included in every package?

✔ All travel expenses covered
✔ Personalized location and vendor recommendations
✔ Officiant services to make it official
✔ Connections to top local vendors
✔ Film-like photos included for a timeless touch
✔ 48-hour sneak peeks to relive the magic sooner

I'm here to turn your moments into cherished memories, ensuring you savor the feeling forever. Ready to make your elopement stress-free and unforgettable? Let's get started!

Additional Perks:

The "Meant to Be" Package


Here's what you'll get:

2 Full Days of Documentation ( Up to 12 Hours of Coverage) 

Here is a  range of activities to make your special day even more memorable, you choose and I'll fit the bill:
  • Kayaking
  • Hot Air Balloon Ride
  • Helicopter Ride
  • ATV
  • Off-Roading
  • Go Boating

PLus, your choice of One ACTIVITY

A delicious catered lunch and dinner, featuring locally sourced ingredients and customized to your preferences, so you can savor a memorable meal together on your special day.

Catered Lunch or dinner 

A full day opens the door to exploring multiple locations and activities, from capturing those precious getting-ready moments to exchanging vows by a tranquil lake, taking portraits near a majestic mountain, and culminating in a romantic picnic dinner.

Here is a range of activities to make your special day even more memorable, you choose and I'll fit the bill:
  • Kayaking
  • Hot Air Balloon Ride
  • Helicopter Ride
  • ATV
  • Off-Roading
  • Stargazing
  • Star Photos
  • Steamy Session
  • Horse Back Riding
  • Location Specific Tour (Slot Canyon, etc) 

Includes everything mentioned above PLus, your choice of Two ACTIVITIES 

One Full Day (Up to 8 hours) of Documentation

Here's what you'll get:


The "You're the One" Package

Here's a fantastic choice for those drawn to the allure of sunset and sunrise elopements or those dreaming of a multi-day celebration infused with adventure and love. Envision a day that begins with exploration of your favorite spots, culminating in a breathtaking sunset. Then, as the next morning unfolds in twilight, capture starlit moments and exchange vows against the backdrop of a sunrise. It's an experience that seamlessly blends adventure and romance, creating unforgettable memories.

Tailored Elopement Experiences - Pricing and Details


Unveil the magic of Moab landscapes with elopement packages ranging from $5,000-$10,000. My expertise lies in capturing the true essence of Moab's beauty. If your elopement takes us beyond this enchanting state, a flat travel fee ensures seamless coverage for both domestic and international destinations.

Dreaming of a multi-day celebration or an immersive weekend with your closest circle? Let's make it a reality! I'm thrilled to collaborate and bring your dream event to life.

Indulge in a full day that grants us the luxury of exploring diverse locations and activities. Picture capturing those precious getting-ready moments, exchanging vows by a serene cabin lake, taking portraits against the backdrop of majestic red mountains, and culminating in a romantic picnic dinner by a picturesque lake. Let's craft a day as unique as your love story!

Also, I'll bring the champagne to celebrate!!!

No matter where you decide to elope in Arizona, my travel costs to anywhere I can reach by 2WD car are already included in the package! And if you want to do something extraordinary like taking a helicopter or sailboat, all I need is a seat to document your incredible experience. Let's create an unforgettable day together!

My Travel Cost 

Planning your elopement or intimate wedding can be overwhelming, but don't worry, I'm here to help! I'll provide customized location ideas, vendor recommendations, permit assistance, a personalized timeline for your day, and even unique activity suggestions. You'll also get access to my exclusive Notion planning resource that will help you keep all the things in one place.

Elopement Planning Assistance + Expertise

All the best photos

For those seeking a shorter, yet sweet elopement experience, the minimum recommended time is 4 hours. This duration allows for getting ready photos and one additional location or a brief hike, ensuring your intimate celebration is captured beautifully.

You'll receive a complete gallery of edited, high-resolution photos that are backed up for a full year! Download, share, and print as many as you like without any restrictions. ( you can expect at least 200 images)

ONE-HALF Day (Up to 4 Hours) of Documentation

Here's what you'll get:


The "Cherish You" Package

Finally, you (and your loved ones) will be able to order prints directly from your online gallery, so you can cherish and share your memories for years to come.

 Order your prints


You'll receive a sneak peek of your images within a week of your elopement. Then, I'll get to work on editing the rest of your gallery, which you'll receive within 6 weeks.

You'll receive your gorgeous photos


On your big day, you won't have to worry about feeling like you're in a photoshoot. My approach is to collaborate with you to create beautiful images that tell your story, while also capturing candid moments that showcase your love and personality.

You adventure, I document


To ensure that your day is stress-free and goes smoothly, I'll create a timeline that considers lighting, seclusion, weather, and all the details that make your elopement unique.

I'll create a timeline for your day


Don't worry about the logistics, I've got you covered. Once we finalize the locations for your day, I'll help you obtain any necessary permits for your ceremony or portrait spots.

 I'll help you with permits


Once we've narrowed down the details, I'll help you plan out the perfect day with customized location ideas, local vendor suggestions, and unique activities that fit your style. If you're looking for a personalized elopement experience that perfectly reflects your vision for your big day, I've got you covered! Here's what I can offer:

  • Location scouting tailored to your preferences: You might be surprised at the amazing locations I can find that you never even knew existed! Let me create a highly-curated list of elopement location(s) that fit your vision and style.

  • Vendor recommendations to enhance your elopement experience: Once we've picked a spot, I can offer you a list of local vendors that I trust to help make your day even more special. Whether it's a florist, hair & makeup artist, private chef, professional 4×4 driver, hot air balloon pilot or any other service you need, I'll have suggestions that align with your preferences.

  • Unique activities that showcase your personalities: Let's make your elopement day unforgettable with personalized activities that fit your unique interests and passions. From kayaking to stargazing, paddle boarding to sightseeing, I'll help you plan activities that reflect who you are.

  • Exclusive planning resources to ease the process: With my experience in planning and photographing over 145 elopements, I've got the inside scoop on everything you'll need to make your day perfect. I'll share all of my resources with you to help you plan and prepare for your elopement with ease.

I'll assist you in planning your day


First things first, let's hop on a call and have a heart-to-heart chat about your vision for your special day. I'm excited to hear all about your dreams and desires for your perfect elopement. Together, we'll brainstorm and create a concept that aligns with your vision and style. I'll use my expertise to help you choose the best general area and date for your elopement. Our planning will blend your ideas with my creative touch, resulting in an experience that's uniquely and beautifully YOU.



How the Process Works 

Step-By-Step, wheres what to expect

Book Call with Krissy

My name is Kristina but my friends call me Krissy, and I am the eyes and creativity behind Krissy Mae Photography! I'm so excited that you found me!

I am just a small town girl wanting to see as much beauty in the world as possible while loving on people as I go. Which is why being an elopement photographer is like the best job in the world for me. I get to be apart of some of the most memorable and precious moments of a couples life and it brings me all the joy in the world. I have a heart to serve and encourage  people to do what is right for them. Plus I am always down for an adventure.