Yesterday was a dream come true. I did a styled shoot where a group of creatives came together and killed it . It was hectic, I was scared, and we pushed ourselves to the limit. At the end of the day we came together, we laughed, we danced, we cried( mostly me), and we made art! I cannot express the gratitude I feel for this shoot and everyone who was apart of it. This is only my beginning my leap of faith and man does it feel good to go after what you love and see that you can do it. I’m so grateful and emotional for all that came about from this shoot. There will be more to come after I ice my feet and take a long nap!

Lead photographer @krissy_mae_photography 
Second photographer @oldmanburs @barteringforchange 
Videographer @peterclaussen 
Hairstylist @blabhair
Groom Glam @notoriouslygroomed 
Makeup @amomenttoblush 
Dresses @luv_bridal @avancybridal
Tee Pee @azsleepyteepee 
Mobile Bartending @thehivemobilebartending 
Florist @popndaisies 
Venue @venueonwashington 
Stylist|Tableware @creativelycraftyevents 
Cake @thebaked_queen