The reason I love what I do and that I am so passionate about you is because I believe you are worth it. I feel that having your picture taken is such an intimate action. You are allowing for a photographer (me) to share space and time with you and your loved ones and being that vulnerable can be hard. It can make you feel insecure or feel like you don't fit an idea of what you saw on the internet. Believe me I have been in front and behind a camera and its so hard to be you and not have fear and doubt creep in. On the other hand, you DESERVE to be celebrated and to feel happy, confident, and beautiful in your own skin.

I have a passion to get to know and celebrate you as you are

you deserve to be celebrated and loved

I'M Krissy! lover of music , PHOTOGRAPHER,  AND FRIEND

hey, boo!

My name is Krissy and I am a 27 year old photographer based out of Phoenix, AZ . You can catch me working in my garden trying to figure out how to make a mini rain forest in my backyard (without being fined by my HOA),finding new hideaways in nature to chill and appreciate the Lord’s beauty, in church trying to get my Jesus on, watching international films, getting lost in an audio book learning ASL, and making playlist for all the moods.

I love to love on people and capture what makes you, YOU.  I am not here to give you the Pinteresty/Instagram perfection you will see on these Internets. That does not mean that my photos are Instagram worth(because they are) I just want to give you captured moments you can look back on and say

 “aww I remember that…”

“dang you made me look good”

“wow I totally forgot about that”

"this is GOREGOUSSS"

My goal is to get to know who you are and provide a reflection of that in time we spend together.

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