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I love to love on people and capture what makes you, YOU.  I am not here to give you the Pinteresty/Instagram perfection you will see on these Internets. That does not mean that my photos are Instagram worth(because they are) I just want to give you captured moments you can look back on and say

 “aww I remember that…”

“dang you made me look good”

"this is GOREGOUSSS"

My goal is to get to know who you are and provide a reflection of that in time we spend together.

Hey, do you feel awkward in front of the camera but you really want amazing photos with epic views?

I Got you boo!!

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What to Pack For Your Desert Elopement (+ how to style your day)

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I want to share with you my US Elopement Bucket List. This is a list of places I have not yet been hired to go, but I am hoping this blog will send a message to the universe that I am ready to go. One of the best parts of my job is traveling and being able to explore new places with the people I meet. 

US Elopement Bucket List : My Top 5 Picks

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