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Leading daring, offbeat, and diverse couples through Arizona's elopement experience, capturing the essence of their individuality and authenticity

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If you've found your way here, it's because you're on a mission to craft a day overflowing with love, purpose, and joy – a day where the spotlight is on what truly matters. I'm right there with you. Your wedding day is your canvas, an authentic portrayal of who you are and what brings you joy.

Picture exchanging vows on a mesmerizing hiking trail, savoring beers with your nearest and dearest at your beloved local bar, or relishing an intimate backyard celebration. It's all about being unapologetically YOU.

Take a moment to inhale deeply; rest assured that your wedding day will be etched in memory because it's genuinely yours. And as your photographer, I'm here to seize every beautiful moment.

Curious about turning this dream into reality? Let's dive into my elopement packages and pricing, and together, we'll craft the perfect blueprint for your most authentic celebration. Ready to make magic happen? 🌟💍

Giving all the nostalgic feels

IMagine your wedding day....

Starting the morning heading to your favorite coffee shot before getting ready

You both are singing your favorite songs while getting ready for the day

share your vows at the same hiking trail you went on your first date 

You say your "I DO's" at a place with an epic view

You run around and play in the ocean while the sunsets 

You go back to your Airbnb and enjoy a delicious meal with your Betrothed While Reminiscing on how amazing your wedding day was.

You laughed, you cried, and you felt fulled loved and at eased the entire day.

soley focused on both of you
and the love you share, it could look something like:

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I'm the lens behind the scenes, capturing the magic of elopements amidst the stunning landscapes of Arizona. What's my vibe? I'm all about helping those unique, unconventional couples craft intimate wedding adventures that are just the right amount of wild (or not), allowing you to connect with what truly matters.

No need to stress about conforming to extremes or traditions—I've got your back. My mission is to dive into your story, understand your love, and then guide you in curating a wedding day that becomes a life experience, complete with jaw-dropping photos in epic locations.

Consider me your go-to support, advisor, photographer, and friend. When it comes to the most intimate and exciting parts of your day, I'm there to make sure it's not just a celebration but a visual tale of your unique love story. Let's create some unforgettable moments together!
I wanna tell the truth about one of the best days of your life. If that is something that speak to you, then let's get started on getting you married!   

about Krissy

Hi love, Im Krissy!

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Ready to infuse your love story with a dash of magic and a sprinkle of spontaneity? I've got just the elopement experience for you! Picture this: together, we'll wander through the captivating landscapes of Sedona, blending enchantment with journalistic flair to create memories that'll stand the test of time.

As your elopement guide, I'm here to smooth out the journey, ensuring every detail is seamlessly taken care of. Your elopement is your canvas, so let's paint it with the vibrant hues of your personalities!

If you're on the hunt for a Sedona elopement photographer who can capture the essence of your unique love story, an elopement planner to orchestrate the day, and a seasoned pro to offer guidance and support throughout, you're in the right place. Ready to dive into my portfolio and start envisioning your dream elopement? Let's make the magic happen together! 🌟📸

Joyous moments

Thoughtful experiences


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As someone who cherishes the opportunity to travel and explore new destinations with the amazing couples I meet, Arizona holds a special place in my heart. Join me in unveiling four essential tips that will not only make your elopement journey memorable but also allow you to immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of Arizona, whether you're a local or traveling from afar. Get ready to embark on a guide that's as adventurous as your love story! 🌵💍 

4 Essential Tips For Planning Your Dream Elopement In Arizona

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My Fiance and I got the amazing opportunity to work with Krissy recently and she is phenomenal. She is seriously so talented, her work is gorgeous and she really wants to make sure that you love it. That was one of the things my Fiance really appreciated about her was that she did check in's throughout our session to make sure we were happy and liked what we saw through the camera. She is very organized and you can tell she loves what she does, her excitement pours out in every conversation! A wonderful soul and beautiful inside and out. She helped my Fiance and I feel extremely at ease and made things so fun our engagement session felt like a few old friends getting together for a laugh party! Seriously, if you are camera shy she helps you get over that quickly with her fun personality and encouraging words. We had a blast, I cannot say enough good things about her and I sincerely want to thank her for everything!

If you are camera shy, she helps you get over that quickly

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