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You're here because you're seeking a Sedona elopement photographer who can make your wedding day absolutely amazing. And you know what? I'm thrilled to be part of your Sedona elopement journey. Your wedding should be a reflection of who you are and what makes you happy. Sedona, Arizona is the perfect location for an elopement. Its red rocks and breathtaking landscapes provide an ideal backdrop for the wedding photography on your special day. Picture yourselves exchanging vows amidst the stunning scenery, with every moment captured by your Sedona elopement photographer.

Let's work together to create a custom timeline for your Sedona elopement, ensuring that absolutely everything is captured on camera, from the intimate vows to the magical ceremony against Sedona's red rocks. Whether you're planning an adventure elopement at the Grand Canyon or a serene ceremony amidst Sedona's natural beauty, I'm here to help bring your elopement dreams to life. With my expertise as a Sedona wedding photographer, I'll make the entire process incredibly easy for you. From location scouting to vendor recommendations, I'll provide suggestions and local photographers' recommendations to ensure that your elopement day is perfect in every way.

Let's capture the magic of your Sedona elopement and create memories that you'll cherish for a lifetime. Your wedding day should be a celebration of your love and an adventure that you'll never forget. So, let's elope to Sedona and make your wedding day absolutely amazing!


Hey there, I'm Krissy, your Sedona elopement photographer, ready to capture the beauty of capturing your love story amidst Arizona's stunning sunsets and landscapes. I'm passionate about celebrating love, especially for couples who dare to be different.

It's all about embracing authenticity. Memories and the little details mean everything to me as they shape our stories. When you choose to work with me, it's like being welcomed into a warm and inviting space. Trust is fundamental, and I'm genuinely passionate about my work. Let's craft unforgettable memories together! 🌟 

As your Sedona elopement photographer, I'll ensure your day is captured, from your intimate vows to the breathtaking views. With my expertise in elopement photography, we'll create a custom timeline that fits your wedding date and captures the essence moments of your special day. Let's explore Sedona's stunning locations together and turn your elopement into an amazing experience you'll never forget.

IMagine your elopement day....

Greeting Your Incredibly Talented Photographer In The Morning 

Starting The Morning Heading To Your Favorite Coffee Shot Before Getting Ready

You Both Are Singing Your Favorite Songs While Getting Ready For The Day

Share Your Vows At The Top of Merry-Go-Round After A Fun Ride Up in Your Jeep

You Say Your "I DO's" At A Place With An Epic View at Bell Rock 

You Celebrate Your Day With Friends At Your Favorite Bar 

Watching The Sunset With Your Partner Feeling Like Your Day Was An Experience Over A Photo Shoot 

You Go Back To Your Airbnb And Enjoy A Delicious Meal With Your Betrothed While Reminiscing On How Amazing & Fun Your Day Was.

You Laughed, You Cried, And You Felt Fulled Loved And At Eased The Entire Day.(And You Have The Elopement Photos To Show It)

soley focused on both of you
and the love you share, it could look something like:

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Sedona is the perfect place to elope, and it's not just because of the scenery. For me, Sedona is my happy place, a sanctuary where I find peace. The moment you set foot here, you'll understand why this special corner of Arizona is the ideal backdrop for your elopement.

The red rock formations create a landscape that feels almost otherworldly, offering countless spots for your ceremony. Whether you choose a nook among the rocks or an open vista with wide views, Sedona's beauty never gets old. These are views I never tire of, no matter how many times I visit. The colors of the landscape, especially at sunrise and sunset, create an atmosphere that will make your special day even more memorable.

Beyond the visuals, there's something calming about Sedona. The natural energy here brings a sense of peace and connection that is perfect for intimate ceremonies. This feeling is a big part of why Sedona is my happy place. It's something I love to share with couples looking to start their journey together in a setting that embodies love and serenity.

Choosing to elope in Sedona means embracing an adventure filled with awe and wonder. You'll create memories in a place that not only looks beautiful but also feels like a true retreat from the everyday world. Sedona is where your love story can unfold in one of the most special places on earth.

Why Choose Sedona? 

βœ”Unlimited consultations and communication
βœ” Notion Elopement Planning Guide 
βœ” Narrative-driven photographs
βœ” All photos for your keepsake
βœ” No set limit on images, yours to keep and print
βœ” Availability via text, email, and Facetime throughout the planning process

Sedona Elopement Package 

βœ” All travel expenses covered
βœ” Personalized location and vendor recommendations
βœ” Officiant services to make it official
βœ” Connections to top local vendors
βœ” Film-like photos included for a timeless touch
βœ” 48-hour sneak peeks to relive the magic sooner

All packages are customizable to fit your needs, contact me below

Additional Perks:

Starting at $3,850

Dreamy Sunrise Elopement 

What a Full-Day Elopement in Sedona Looks Like

let's go on adventure together!

get a peek at what your day COULD look like 

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OAK CREEK CANYON - a beautiful spot for your elopement. It's got lush greenery, tall red rock formations, and the peaceful sound of Oak Creek. You can have a small ceremony by the creek or among the cliffs.

BOYNTON CANYON - known for its beauty and spiritual vibe, making it perfect for an intimate ceremony. It's surrounded by tall red rock walls and plants, giving it a secluded feel. Great place for a more intimate elopement for just the two of you.

BELL ROCK - a famous landmark in Sedona with stunning views of the surrounding area. You can have your ceremony at the base or on top for a memorable wedding experience together.

LOVER'S KNOLL - a romantic spot hidden among Sedona's red rocks. It's peaceful with panoramic views, ideal for a private ceremony as the sun sets, its one of my favorite locations.

SCHNEBLY HILL - offers great views of Sedona's red rocks and landscapes, making it perfect for a scenic elopement. You can exchange vows at one of the overlooks or along the trails for a memorable experience.

*I have even more suggestions depending on your preferences.

Take a look at my favorite SEDONA Elopement Locations 


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