Arizona Micro Wedding or Elopement Venues: Which is Right for You?

Arizona Micro Wedding or Elopement Venues: Which is Right for You?

Today, I am going to share with you a few of my FAVORITE Arizona micro wedding and elopement venues in Arizona, to help you jump-start your planning. In case you don’t have time to scroll, my faves are the Venue on Washington, Creekside Inn, Tlaquepaque, Aldea Wedding in the woods, and Saguaro Lake Ranch. Throughout the blog, I am also going to share a few photos of one of my favorite weddings to date. The bright florals, the rich blue tablecloths, and the couple who was madly in love. It doesn’t get better than this.

After, I’m also going to break down a few tips for deciding whether or not a micro wedding or elopement is right for you. With every couple I work with as a wedding photographer, my goal is to make it easy as possible for them. I want them to be both confident and excited about every decision. Every step of the way. If you are looking for an elopement photographer (+ hype woman), make sure to reach out here. I love connecting with new people! Have I piqued your interest but you aren’t ready to commit yet? Read more about my services and pricing here.

Venue on Washington

As much as I love a desert elopement in the middle of nowhere, for couples looking for a modern and unique venue downtown in Phoenix, Venue on Washington can’t be beaten. The Venue on Washington can accommodate both large weddings and small, ones and have indoor and outdoor locations. I LOVE when couples personalize their day to THEM, and the Venue on Washington can act as the perfect blank slate for your wedding day. Plus, then if the party goes too late – you have easy access to cabs!

Creekside Inn

For couples dreaming of an intimate feel, why not an award-winning bed and breakfast like Creekside Inn? Although the cozy feeling of Creekwood Inn Sedona is best suited for micro weddings and intimate events, they claim they can fit guests up to 300! Creekside Inn in Sedona is only two hours north of Phoenix, but nestled on Oak Creek it feels like a true Oasis away.


As an Arizona wedding photographer, I get to work with so many incredible wedding venues that it’s impossible to pick a favorite. But Tlaquepaque would have to be close to the top. It’s unique but still warm. A few different wedding locations on the property – each more charming than the last.

Aldea Wedding in the Woods

Aldea Wedding in the Woods is a breathtaking secluded wedding venue in Northern Arizona. If you are hoping to combine your micro wedding or elopement with a weekend getaway, this venue will make you feel like you are in your corner of the universe. We often see stunning desert elopement locations in Arizona, but if you’d rather be surrounded by nature, this is a dream venue.

Saguaro Lake Ranch

Last, but CERTAINLY not least, is Saguaro Lake Ranch. With up to 20 cabins for rent, this venue makes the ideal place for a weekend getaway with your closest family and friends. In the background, you will see the breathtaking Bulldog cliffs and feel completely overwhelmed at the magnitude. Saguaro Lake Ranch has two outdoor ceremony locations and they have even started offering elopement packages for couples desiring a smaller (or ceremony only!) affair.

How to decide if an Arizona micro wedding or elopement is right for you!

I specialize in intimate weddings and elopements because I love to feel the energy and love on your wedding day. Right now, depending on when you are reading this, you might be wondering if you should downsize your guest list, or postpone your wedding to next year (possibly for the second time). As crazy as this past year has been, a lot of us are still wondering exactly what the wedding season in 2021 will hold. With that in mind, there is plenty of reasons why I think you might want to make micro weddings or elopements your first choice!

To help you decide, here are a few of my favorite reasons to elope or host a micro wedding:

  1. You save money for your marriage – the easiest way to cut your wedding
  2. On the same note – you get to splurge on the details or vendors that matter to you.
  3. You have SO much more flexibility when it comes to your wedding day timeline or locations. It’s nearly impossible to find a unique wedding venue for 200 guests, but for twenty? You can get a lot more creative.
  4. WAY LESS STRESS. As magical as your wedding day is, there is a lot of moving parts with large weddings (and a LOT of opinions).
  5. You get to marry your person faster and start your life together. You don’t have to wait another minute to get married.

Arizona Intimate Wedding Photographer

Whether you call your wedding day a micro wedding, an intimate wedding, or an elopement – I would be absolutely over the moon to be considered as your wedding photographer. Above are a few of my favorite Arizona venues but I am always open to exploring new favorites of yours! No matter where your love takes you, I’m yours. If you are looking for a wedding photographer who is as passionate about making you feel good as they are making you look good, I’m your person. Contact me here to chat about 2021/2022 availability.

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