My First Boudoir Shoot

My First Boudoir Shoot

So I just shot my first boudoir shoot…When I tell you that I was nervous out of my mind I. KID. YOU. NOT!

So I recently had the opportunity to shoot my first boudoir session at Studio House AZ and I was so nervous to do something out of my comfort zone.

I am an intimate wedding photographer based out of Phoenix, AZ. I have done many portraits in my days, but never a boudoir. The word “boudoir” can be mistaken for tasteless are, but that is not the truth! Boudoir is more than that.

A boudoir session is all about empowerment and finding ways to really show that the size, curve, and every inch of your body are beautiful.

I think as women we forget to just let go and appreciate what we have. I think that every woman should celebrate the body that they have. If you have a little extra curve or not, you are beautiful. You are powerful! You deserve to be loved and celebrated for all that you are!

A boudoir session is not only about being sexy and showing a little skin, it’s a statement to the world that you love the skin you’re in!

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