Romantic Getaway in Arizona: Flagstaff Engagement: Celestial Inspired Flagstaff Elopement

Celestial Inspired Flagstaff Elopement

Would you ever consider a celestial-inspired elopement for your special day? Have you ever been to a deactivated volcano in Arizona and hung out with your boo?! Well, come with me, and let me tell you about a couple who was out of this world.

Jason and Shannon, we had THE best time and the view wasn’t too bad either. We met up at Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument. This location is a little off the beaten path and made magic. 
The couple knew what to do for their special day and it was located in Flagstaff, Arizona. They were so in love with the location that they wanted to make a theme for the day. Since the location looked so out of this world, Shannon decided to dress like she was also out of the world. I loved how creative and intentional the couple was the entire day and wanted to enjoy the view. 
While I was getting to know them in the beginning stages of planning I got to find out that the love birds met in a gym. From what I heard Shannon noticed Jason first, but Jason claims he saw her a mile away. Who knew working out at the gym can work in your favor? They have been working out and falling in love ever since.
As we got further into the shoot I got to know more about how Jason is attempting to learn the Bachata. I for one butchered saying the word and it caused them both to go into a laughing fit. It was not one of my finest moments.
I also got to learn that Shannon is also a business owner as well and she owns her doggie treats business. If you have a little furry friend you can go and support her at…
What a dynamic duo that not only knows how to move but also has a love for taking interest in each other’s hobbies. If this blog has inspired you to have an out-of-this-world elopement, contact me.

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