Bring Your Dog to Your Engagement Session: Papago Park Engagement Photos

Papago Park Engagement Photos

Before we dive into this Papago Park engagement session with the happiest couple and their dog. If you are currently planning your engagement photos in Arizona, I just want to mention that I’m available to be your third wheel! As an Arizona wedding photographer and dog whisperer, nothing makes me happier than photographing all the love we got going on in this little state.

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Jake and Angelica

Our first interaction

From the moment we had our first call with Angelica and Jake I knew they were so full of life. They had the most welcoming and joyful presence about them. I had the best time with the HAPPIEST couple that you will ever meet. 

Papago Park Engagement Photos

Jake and Angelica’s story begins at their alma mater ASU where they first met, they are huge Sun Devils fans. While dating they moved to New York for 3 years! Can you imagine going from sunny Arizona to the busy streets of New York?!

The best part of the session…

Their puppy, Bella! is a grey and white Border Collie that was so full of life and also pretty well-behaved. I honestly think that Bella was meant to be a model because she was giving me all the angels and I was here for it!

So had so much in common!

We talked about so much from living in New York to shows they are watching. They had just finished watching Bridgeton which I too had just finished! Seriously, this is why I love to get to know each of my couples so dearly. It’s so nice to connect on a human level! I also learned that they are rewatching all the Harry Potter movies which were so exciting to me because I am Hufflepuff.

The main goal for our time together was to showcase the love they both feel for each other. I’m so thrilled they were able to open up and tell me all about what their life is like as a couple. It always helps me capture such fun and personal photos! Seriously – if what Hogwarts house you belong to isn’t important, I’m not sure what is!

Papago Park Engagement Session 

Papago park engagement session
Papago park engagement session

If you want to know more about how we can have fun taking your engagement photos, contact me here! So we can plan your amazing adventure as well.


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