COVID-19 wedding ideas (and how to keep your guest safe)

COVID-19 wedding ideas

Does the thought of trying to have your wedding during a pandemic have you stressed out? Well as an Arizona wedding photographer, specializing in elopements. Here are a few ideas that may help in planning for your wedding during COVID-19:

1. Limit the number of attendees

It can be hard to choose who to invite, but here is a solution that might help. Write a list of all the people who you have talked with in the last year, if you still have room invite more people! if there are still too many people, you can always include them in your day by live streaming your ceremony. Living streaming is a great option to use during COVID-19.

2. Quarantine for 2 weeks

I can honestly say that asking people to quarantine might be hard to do. So when sending out invitations for your COVID-19 wedding, try to add wording in to ask all attendees to quarantine for 2 weeks. By doing this you are setting the expectations for your wedding day that safety is important to you.

3. COVID-19 testing

Here is a site that might be able to help you in finding locations near you to get tested by going on the CVS website and finding their COVID-19 Testing page.

4. Vaccinations

As vaccinations are on the rise, you can simply ask if someone has been vaccinated before the wedding. Now some people choose not to have the vaccination which is completely understandable and in that case, I would refer you back to the tips above. To find a location near you to get vaccinated, you can go right to the CDC website and click on their VaccineFinder.

5. Require mask at wedding

If you want to avoid all of the conversations around quarantine, vaccinations, and testing. I would just require all attendees to wear a mask. It can be the simplest way to have fun at your weddings without the hassle of having to have difficult conversations.

So do what feels right to you, there are no right or wrong answers. At the end of the day, it is all about you and how you want to keep those who attend your special day to be safe. If you have any more questions or want to know more about keeping your wedding safe from someone who has shot quite a few weddings, you can contact me here.

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  1. Alex says:

    These are all helpful tips in this wild time. And gorgeous photos too!!

  2. Sanne says:

    These are great tips for anyone who is planning a tiny wedding or elopement right now! Also, I really love how colorful your photos are!

  3. These are such great tips! COVID is still a really big issue for weddings right now so this info is super helpful!

  4. I love that you mention that there is no right or wrong answer. It’s such an uncertain time and so many people have differing opinions, that as a client, I would be relieved to know you’re not judging me not matter what I choose! So helpful!

  5. Afton says:

    Yes! Wearing a mask and following social distancing rules is #1 to making sure your wedding can still happen safely! Vaccinations FTW!