5 Tips to help plan a sunrise elopement

5 Tips to help plan a sunrise elopement

Sunrise elopement in desert

Sunrise elopements are my absolute favorites, many couples want to experience an adventurous elopement and have a super-intimate affair in front of the magnificent sunrise. I will share with you my top 5 tips for planning an elopement at sunrise.


1. Be ready the day before


When it comes to the sunrise wedding meaning, it translates to – if you want your day to flow smoothly, elaborate on the logistics the day before, organize and fold your essentials like your dress in a bag. Furthermore, pack your shoes and jewelry nicely, and make sure to prepare a checklist of everything else you need to avoid a nervous breakdown in the morning.


Let me say that it is so important to start the day with calmness and serenity. The reason is simple, forgetting something important from your checklist means messing up with the timeline, and you don’t want to do that on your sunrise elopement.


2. Prepare caffeine


Let me be honest, waking up before sunrise is hard, but there is an easy way to pull it off. Go to bed at the proper time so that you are as fresh as you can be when you get up. Put a pinch of salt in your coffee mug so that you get a bit more of a ‘lift’; you will need it that early. A thermos filled with hot coffee is easy to pack and a great idea if your sunrise elopement is planned on a colder destination.


3. Bring layered clothes for you sunrise elopement


I’m telling you, sunrises are cold; believe me, I say it from experience. Be sure to bring layered clothes, like practical leggings, under your dress if it’s super cold or a cozy blanket to snuggle in before the ceremony starts. Just be sure that the layers you put on are easy to take on and off. You don’t want to mess up your hair and makeup, right?


4. Be ahead of time! Do not miss your sunrise elopement!


This sounds obvious, right? The last thing you want to experience on your sunrise elopement is your wedding to happen long after sunrise. It sounds impossible that you could miss those magical sunrise moments on such an important day, but it can happen if you don’t consider every obstacle.


For example, if your chosen destination is a national park or a private beach with a stunning sunrise view, you would get up even before the crack of dawn, right? So, imagine the almost worst-case scenario: the road is blocked until 10 o’clock, long past your sunrise wedding time!


Luckily for you, I got you! As your photographer, I am on alert with this kind of thing for all my couples, trust me – I plan everything. 

Sunrise elopement in desert Sunrise elopement in desert Sunrise elopement in desert

5. Are you sure you can see the sunrise?

Desert Elopement in Arizona with bright florals and flowy dress

One more thing you should not worry about is if I’m your elopement guide and photographer. If I assure you that a specific place is a fantastic spot for sunrise, it is a fact – I have already been there and taken some gorgeous shots. So, believe me when I say that nothing will block your view while you say your wows.


The good news is that, as your elopement photographer, I got you covered with all the logistics. It is my second nature to make it simple, so don’t worry, and let me take you and your couple through your perfect sunrise elopement. Be confident that I will capture your greatest elopement dreams. Also, I have a lot of ideas on how you can curate an iconic day, so feel free to send me a message if you need extra inspo!


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