Best Elopement Wedding Dress

Best Elopement Wedding Dress

Are you overwhelmed with finding the best elopement wedding dress for your big day, well let me help you out! One aspect about the elopement day that just melts my heart is seeing my couples feel beautiful in what they are wearing. I truly believe the quote “ When you dress good, you feel good” and you should feel amazing in what you decide to wear on your special day. So today I would like to show you some of the best boutiques I have found to help you find the perfect elopement dress for you.

best elopement wedding dress - Sedona

Before, I share these amazing companies with you. I think there are a few questions that you should keep in mind when going dress shopping.

Are you comfortable?

One thing I want you to take into consideration when choosing a dress is if it’s comfortable and if can you move. You want to make sure that the dress you are wearing will allow you the ability to do whatever you want to do on your wedding day. So if you are hiking up a mountain or walking Downtown. You want to make sure that you do not feel hindered or overwhelmed in any way while wearing the dress. The goal is to find a dress that you can do what you want to do on your special day. So if the dress is comfortable, then let’s go to our next question

Is it the right color?

I know that most brides want a white dress for their wedding, but did you know there are different shades of white? I am talking Ivory, cream, eggshell, pearl, and many more! So finding the right color is important. When looking at dresses keep your skin tone in consideration. You want to find a shade that compliments your shade and does not take away from your beauty the day of. Also, think about how your photographer edits their photos. Will the way they edit this shade of white (or whatever color you choose) be changed in photos because of the tones the photographer will use? These are things that you might want to be mindful of when choosing the right color for you. Once you have figured that out, then we come to our third question…

Are you wearing what YOU want to wear?

YOU DO WHAT IS RIGHT FOR YOU!! I will preach this until my face turns blue and I say this to all of my couples. It is your wedding day, so do what feels right to you. This also means wear whatever you want is it your day? No one should have an opinion on what you are wearing unless you allow them to and take their opinions with a grain of salt. The reason I believe in this so much is that you can go so wrapped up in what others want you to say and be on your wedding day that you forget that the only opinions that truly matter are yours and the person you are marrying. So if what you are wearing and different and non-traditional, DO IT. If the dress is a jumpsuit, WEAR IT! If you want a colorful dress, OWN IT. Do what feels right and once you have done that. There is only one more question to ask…

Do you feel beautiful in it? 

Well? Do you? If you hesitated or the answer was a no, then honey let’s keep looking! You deserve nothing but the best for yourself. So find something that makes you feel like your best YOU. When you feel beautiful it will show in the photos, people will be in awe of you, or your partner’s heart will flutter when they see you. Why? Because you wore that dress that you felt beautiful in and that beauty radiated through the entire day. 


Here are some of my recommendations on the Best Elopement Wedding Dress:

Best Shops to Find your Elopement Dress


Love to AZ

Grace Love Lace & Strut Bridal

Best for Budget – Lulu & BHLDN

Best Rental – Glam Corner

Sustainable Dress – Wear Your Love & Louette Bride

Out of the Box – Flora & Lane

Honoring your heritage – East Meets Dress  & Anita Dongre





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