Vendor Spotlight: Strut Bridal

Strut Bridal 

strut bridal
 Strut bridal is the only plus-size retailer in the state of Arizona and California. They have been in business for 10 years, it’s their 10th anniversary. I took time to hang out with Brooke, assistant manager of Strut Bridal, and get the low down on this company that celebrates women of all sizes.

What does the client experience look like?

As soon as you get engaged that’s when you should come and see us, meet with us, give us a phone call look on an Instagram cause that’s where it all starts. We then set up your appointment, a bridal appointment which is about two hours for our store. You should feel at home and relaxed and not rushed and that’s the best way to go about it.

We create an environment where they feel like they could touch feel and love and be a part of their special day in the way that they want it to be.

Clients love that we…

That you feel at home, the relaxation, putting your mind at ease. Strut Bridal has the largest selection of plus-size gowns in the valley. While there are so many other beautiful other bridal boutiques out here in the valley. Our clientele base catered to the girls who have a larger bust or the hips don’t lie. Sometimes you want to feel like you have more options than fewer. Everyone should come here because you have so many options.
I like to be open-minded and creative with them. If a bride says she wants to add a train to her dress then I will pin it if she wants it. I’m very hands-on and I get to be with them in alterations and it is a fun experience.

Do you have any tips & tricks for your clients

A tip and trick that I have are when looking for a wedding dress is to know what kind of color you are trying to look for. A lot of girls are wanting “white” and “white” is the norm. A classic bride wants. but Ivory is the new white because it is timeless. When you’re looking for wedding dresses look at the color difference. You will see that the ivory has more of a yellow hue to it and the white has a blue hue to it. Most brides go on Google, Yelp, and Pinterest, to find a dress.
They go look up dresses and find a gorgeous lace dress and they find it for $200. In reality, these dresses are in should detail and everything is closer to $1500, 2000 dollars. The regular prices for $500 are going to be down in this section where they are a lot more simple and not as elaborate. The dresses you find online are sometimes not even in style anymore.
Strut Bridal is one of the many vendors that I recommend to my clients. I trust them to take care of you and make you feel amazing. Interested in learning more about some more vendors that I work with you can contact me, and I would be happy to help!

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