Connecticut Civil Intimate Wedding

Come along with me as I give you all the details about this Connecticut Civil Intimate Wedding. This elopement was a long time in the making. There were so many variables that were up in the air, but Kristia and Daniel never gave up. As the last elopement of the year, I could not have had a more rewarding and full circle moment in my business.

How we Met

I met Kristina and Daniel when they were in a transitional time in their lives. There were new jobs, starting another chapter of school, and finding out where they were goin to move. We had to push back their original date , a year went by and finally they contacted me with a date. She asked if I was available to come out and capture their day and I did not even hesitate to day yes. A month later, I am on a plane to New Haven Connecticut. The day I arrived, Kristia grabbed some Italian food and headed back to her apartment. We talked, told stories, got to know each other and and met with Daniels best friend, Greg.

Getting Ready

I arrived to Dan and Kristia apartment to find them both getting ready. Kristia was in her office taking time to make her self look and feel beautiful while listening to her favorite music. Dan was in the kitchen making coffee, they are lovers of coffee and tea. They share a love for coffee and tea because they met at a Starbucks. We took time for them to sit and connect before they finished getting ready. Greg played some bomb music in the background.


Once they both got ready, we all got in the car and drove to Trumbull City Hall. Once we arrived, they shared their vows right under the gazebo on a Tuesday Morning. Dan vowed to always make her a cup of coffee and Kristia vowed to always pray for her husband. I can attest that there were tears, laughter, and love all over this intimate ceremony.


After taking a few shots around City Hall we headed on over to Pistachio Cafe. This place had a victorian, eclectic styled to it and the food was sooooo good. There was a little Bromance between Greg and Dan so I had to capture their love as well during the day. We had such a fun time and we ate so much that we were definitely a little tired.


After we ate, we headed over to East Rock Park for our last location of the day. We found an open field and took some genuine photos of them holding onto each other and looking at each others eye. We took time for them to connect with each other I sat back and captured it.


The last event we had scheduled was a dinner at The Cast Iron Chef Chop House & Oyster Bar. Dan choose not to attend because he hit his limit of socializing for the day. Which is ok, I’m not a photographer who snaps a photo and doesn’t care about your well being. When you are hiring me you are hiring someone who is mindful and conscious of others. You are entrusting me to read the room and adjust. So if you’re dealing with something and are afraid it will ruin the day, I can assure you it wont. Do what is best for you, the day is all about your anyway I get a front row seat to how you love on each other.

*Thank you for coming to my TedTalk

During the dinner, where we shared our hearts and talked about how at the beginning of our journey. In the beginning Kristia did not feel like a bride and it was not having her family support. Yet, she knew she wanted to do things right for her because of her faith and she deserve to be happy. We both realized your day is perfect because you are celebrating the person that means the most to you.
The last day of our journey we went to Starbucks as a way to end as a last hurrah for our time together. Kristian mentioned to Dan that they were ending one chapter where they began.

Kristia mentioned to me that the photos that I captured would activate joy when times are hard. So if you are someone who is looking for a photographer who is:

– aware of who you both are
down to travel
– will leave you with photos that will remind you of your love on the days that are hard

I am definitely your girl! For any questions, queries or desires, please visit my contact page. I look forward to hearing from you, and creating your dream intimate celebration.

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