What to do on the day of your Elopement

What to do on the day of your Elopement

Have trouble trying to figure out what to do on the day of your elopement? Don’t know what activities to add to? In many ways, elopement weddings are much more special than a traditional larger wedding. If you wonder if the last one can be properly substituted with an elopement, I can tell you that they are even better from my point as an elopement photographer. 

So, the only remaining question to ask yourself is, What to do on the day of your elopement? In essence, your options are almost limitless. There are tons of elopement day activities, and today I chose the five best ideas for you to make it the most amazing experience you have ever had.

Choose the destination you’ve always wanted

Can we travel anywhere? The short answer is yes! The great thing about elopements is that you get to tailor your day anywhere you like. Especially when it comes to adventure elopement ideas, you can choose the travel destination you’ve always wanted to visit and pair it with a mini honeymoon.

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Do something unique

This doesn’t mean that you have to spend a fortune, only that you should think outside the box and make your day unique. Even at home elopement ideas or cheap eloping ideas can be extraordinary. You could recreate the place you two met or first traveled together. Your backyard can be easily transformed into Paris or the restaurant you had your first date in. 

You could also write a song and sing it to your beloved if you are the romantic type, of course. Take a balloon flight over your town or go scuba diving if you are an adventure-seeking couple. Getting married in the air is not something you say every day!

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Get married on the water.

I love when couples choose to get out on the water for the elopement day. When asked ‘What to do on the day of your elopement’, one of the things I suggest is this. There are many ways to enjoy the idyllic blue surroundings while saying I do. 

I’m not saying you must go scuba diving, but renting a houseboat, taking a canoe out onto a lake, doing stand-up paddle boarding at sunset are some of the best adventure elopement ideas. And don’t worry, I didn’t forget, eloping on a beautiful beach is a classic, and your ceremony will be movie-like, just like the photos from it.

Do something special to you as a couple.

Is there some tradition you have, like going to a particular place, cooking some meal together, or maybe watching the same movie every year? Also, if you love something that is part of a traditional wedding celebration, feel free to include it because generally – there are no rules. Fill all your elopement day timeline with those amazing little things that give your couple a touch of personality and specialness. Tell me about them, and I could incorporate them into your wedding photos, and they will be a representation of all the meaningful things that are special to your relationship. 

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Setup a beautiful picnic outdoors

This elopement setup has a rustic feel and is all about vibrant colors. Choose a picturesque outdoor spot and get a little fancy with your food choice. Make a charcuterie board while splurging on food (it is your elopement day, so don’t be cheap!) and decorate with all the accents, and I’m talking honeycomb, jams, and delicious fruits. 

Make the setting even prettier by adding some divine flowers and candles. Thanks to this setting, you will have the most romantic of all the elopement day activities cause it will all be about the two of you expressing your love surrounded by the magic of nature.

Relax in some hot springs after your elopement

After you realize your perfect idea of ‘What to do on the day of your elopement’, comes another interesting question ‘What to do after eloping?’. My absolute favorite from a list called ‘after-adventure elopement ideas’ are hot springs. I have saved locations of natural and developed hot springs in which you can relax after your beautiful elopement.

If you wish for something different, then exploring your destination’s interesting amenities is something you could do. But in most cases, finding a great restaurant to celebrate your marriage is always a great idea!

Will you as the photographer be joining us?

Of course! I will be there to portray your love story, from getting ready to after you say I do. I will also help you with the elopement day timeline and with scouting for the best possible destinations.

Remember, it’s your wedding day, so you deserve your elopement to be the most exceptional experience in your life. Contact me if you love my ideas on ‘What to do on the day of your elopement’ (because I have tons up my sleeve) and want to know more about personalizing and capturing them in stunning photos!


If you want to know more about how we can have fun taking your elopement photos, contact me here! So we can plan your amazing adventure.

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