5 Questions to Ask Before Booking Your Wedding Vendors

5 Questions to Ask Before Booking Your Wedding Vendors

It’s kind of funny when you think about it, but the second you get engaged, you are just automatically expected to know how to plan a wedding. If this is your first time, don’t worry. As an Arizona wedding photographer, I’ve had the chance to work with some amazing wedding vendors all over the state and I have a few tips to make sure you choose the right vendors for your wedding day – before you book them. Each wedding vendor will have different criteria, but the next five questions will apply to every single person/team you hire to support you on your wedding day. Save this for later: 5 Questions to Ask Before Booking Your Wedding Vendors.

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If you were looking for an Arizona wedding photographer, you can learn more about me here. If you’re in the early stages of planning your wedding, you can also browse my portfolio for inspiration all over Arizona. I pride myself on having a diverse portfolio that will not only make you feel all the feels but will make you smile a bit too. If you are planning an elopement, micro wedding, or even a grand affair, make sure to get in touch here so we can save your date. I also love to connect with couples over on Instagram if you want to get to know each other a little better over there. Make sure to send me a DM and let me know you found me through the blog! I would love to follow you right back.

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Are they someone who is a top priority for your wedding?

First, you want to hire the vendors that are the most important to you first. It’s better to hire fewer vendors so you can hire the vendors that you want. I see this a lot with videography. In my opinion, it’s better to have a photographer or videographer that you love than the cheapest you can find of both options. In the same way, it’s often assumed that your venue and or caterer will take up a majority of your budget, but instead, I would love to encourage you to consider spending more of your budget on what is most important to you. Even if that means having your wedding in a backyard (or a similar compromise on something less important to you). By the way – I have some great tips on planning a wedding at home or in an Airbnb here.

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Do they fit our wedding budget?

The unfortunate facts of life. At the end of the day, you need to be able to pay for the vendors you hire. So even though I’ve already told you to hire vendors based on your priorities, you do need to make sure that they fit into your budget as well. It’s okay to inquire with more than one wedding vendor to make sure that you know what the average price in your area is and if this is your first time planning a wedding, prepare for a little sticker shock. If you do inquire with more than one wedding vendor, also make sure you let the vendors know when/if you’ve decided to go in a different direction. Trust me, we don’t mind (we know you might be shopping around) and it’s so much better than being ghosted!

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Do you like their vibe, would you work well together?

This one is so important, especially for vendors that you’re with all day on your wedding day (like your photographer). For certain vendors, it may be a little less important if you like their personality (like your cake designer, for example) because you’re hiring them for a specific role on the day. But for something like a wedding photographer or wedding planner, where you are going to be working with that person not only all day on the wedding day but also for many months in advance. You need to make sure that you like their vibe.

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Questions to Ask Before Booking Your Wedding Vendors

Do they know their stuff?

Don’t be afraid to interview your vendors. You shouldn’t be afraid to ask them a few questions and see if they understand your vision and are excited to help you make it better. For example, as a photographer, I always like to chat with my couples to discuss how many hours of photography they might need, which locations they might want to consider and whether or not they should have a first look (to name a few!). All of this is important for me to know as a photographer so that I can guide my couples on my wedding day. After all, it’s your first time, but it’s not mine.

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Do you trust that they will take care of you?

Last, but certainly not least, you need to trust every single vendor you hire. Nothing will make you feel more uncomfortable on your wedding day than knowing you hired the wrong vendor. Yikes. We don’t want any part of that nervous energy on your wedding day. Your wedding day should be filled with your closest family and friends and vendors that are your biggest cheerleaders. I firmly believe that this isn’t something you want to compromise on. You need to trust the people you hire on your wedding day.

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Booking your Wedding Photographer

There you have it! I recommend these 5 questions to ask before booking your wedding vendors to ensure a flawless day:

  • Are they someone who is a top priority for your wedding
  • Do they fit our budget
  • Do you like their vibe, would you work well together?
  • When you ask questions, do they know their stuff?
  • Do you trust that they will take care of you?

At the end of the day, no budget savings is worth sacrificing for a single moment of joy on your wedding day. If you’re looking for a photographer, I would be thrilled to be considered and you can get in touch with me here. For more advice on planning your Arizona wedding, you can also head to my blog. Congratulations!

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