How to plan a destination elopement in Turks & Caicos

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Destination elopement in Turks & Caicos

Just imagine this: a beautiful wedding on a white sandy beach in the magical Turks and Caicos Islands. Many of you consider this a dream destination wedding, and you are right!

It is a luxury elopement destination that offers breathtaking settings and a bit of adventure.

The most remarkable thing about choosing to elope in the Turks and Caicos Islands is that your celebration will be all about the two of you and your love. It is perfect for hosting a destination wedding with your favorite people.

If you are among the couples who would love to get married on this island, but you don’t know where to begin, I made you a step-by-step simple guide! This guide will tell you all about how to plan your epic wedding adventure. As an elopement photographer, I guarantee you magical memories from this place, captured in magnificent photos. So, let’s go on an adventure together!

Pick your wedding location first

You must start by deciding which part of the island is the perfect destination elopement. Are you all for the obvious choice: an outside wedding on one of the stunning beaches or a resort wedding?

Many of the resorts on the island have beautiful gardens and courtyards at their disposal. You may opt for a more private setting rather than a resort. Maybe some private beachfront villa would be a great idea? I am all for what nature has given to this place, so white-sand Turks and Caicos beaches and idyllic blue water as a perfect wedding environment.

Providenciales is the only island where you can host a larger wedding at resorts. I know for a fact that almost all of the luxury resorts offer all-inclusive destination elopement packages for the love birds and their guests.A few resorts that I recommend are Beaches Resort and The Sands at Grace Bay are the most favored ones among wed-to-be couples.

If you are more inclined to adventurous eloped weddings, and then I suggest you check out my personal favorite, Middle or North Caicos. I find these two less inhabited islands to be amazing for more personal and intimate ceremonies.

There you can find magical beach cliffs which are a true representation of those tropical elopement destinations you double-tap on Instagram. Yeah, you will have additional transportation costs since the airport is in Providenciales, but you can cut expenses. One way to do so is to only your closest ones to attend your heartfelt ceremony.

Choose the best season to get married on the island

From my experience and all the weather prognoses, April is your top pick! You can also pick January or March since the weather is also beautiful in these two months. Avoid booking destination elopement packages in November, even if they are cheaper; you don’t want rain on your wedding day!

Book vendors ahead of time

Turks and Caicos island offer every kind of vendor, from wedding planner to florist. However, you might not want to be restricted only to local vendors and decide to bring your own (as many do!). A photographer are one of a kind vendors, someone who will spend your most special day along with you. It helps to not have a stranger there on your special day.

This is why couples tend to bring photographers they met before coming to the wedding destination. It makes you feel more comfortable to know someone who has already talked to and got to know you story. The right photographer will help you plan and later capture a day that is true to you as a couple. You can check out a previous blog about 5 questions to ask before booking your wedding vendors here.

Caribbean elopement packages offer you specific music, but don’t let that limit you. A wide range from local genres to pop and rock to island music is at your disposal, so pick the type of music you both will enjoy on this fantastic island.

When it comes to flowers, there are several spectacular wildflowers on this island. I recommend bougainvillea, which is available in vibrant red, pink, peach, purple and white.

Plan your guest list

Talk to your partner and decide whether you go for a small, or even elopement wedding with just the two of you and the officiant. The small ones are much more cost-effective and intimate at the same time. I’m always fond of them because they allow me to focus on the couple and capture every sparkle of their special day.

Nonetheless, more people on your guest list may affect your venue or the length of your stay. In case you go for an elopement, my suggestion is to choose the South Caicos. It is an almost untouched island and, in my opinion, a place for the ultimate destination wedding.

Know the legislation

I have to say that even mentioned last this is no less important. Research the legal requirements for tying the knot on the magical island of Turks and Caicos. Your wedding planner and resort management will help facilitate the legal aspects, you should get your papers in order.

Find out which legal documents from your hometown are required. There is a legal rule which implies that the bride and groom must be on the island together for 72 hours before the application for a marriage license. Here you can find all the necessary requirements for the license.

No matter how far I travel, the magnificent island Turks and Caicos will always have a special place in my heart. I warmly recommend it to all the couples who want a truly authentic destination wedding. I have a plethora of ideas for this location, so drop me a message if you need more ideas. Also, contact me if you are interested to know more about my services there, and let’s get you married on this one-of-a-kind dreamy island!

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