New York Couples Portrait Session | Miguel and Brianne

New York Couples Portrait Session

Ever wondered what it would be like in Palisades, New York for a couple’s portrait session? Come along with me as I tell you a story of the New York couples session that made me feel connected and whole as an artist. When Miguel and Brianna followed me on Instagram, I knew there was something that pulled me to them. I noticed they were from New York and I was heading that way in a few weeks for an elopement. I reached out to let them know of my schedule and the rest is history. This was how I came to have a dreamy couples session in Palisades, New York.

new york couple session

Where we met for our couples session

On my last day in Connecticut I drove to Palisades, New York to meet with this amazing couples at 9W Market. This cafe is run by a friend of theirs and food was so delicious. We started our session outside where we played around with what was there.

Creating memories in Palisades, New York

There was a little inside joke with a toy car on the table and we took a photo of it because it will be a moment that made us all laugh and I know a memory like that is priceless. We then proceeded to take some individual photos and this is where I will have the opposite couple shower the other in compliments. It is such a fun tool I love to use during my couple sessions and while we did this I asked a question, how do you maintain your relationship?

We believe in loving each other and the people around us as best as we can

Isn’t that the most profound things you’ve ever head. I just love a good love story that has intention behind it.

My favorite part

I think my favorite part about this shoot was when we were at the end of our session. I had them look into each others eyes and they both smiled. I had to ask why they both smiled and they said that they do everything together and sometimes they forget to just look at each other. To take the time to really see the person working beside you and just be. Naturally, I had to photograph that little moment!

In conclusion

These two have been married for 8 years and have one little one and another on the way. They not only opened their hearts to me but they were so loving as well. There is something special about meeting people from different cultures and backgrounds and finding common ground on what is means to be kind. One of the most enlightening conversations I have ever had and I will never forget it. If you are looking for a session filled with laughter, connection, and good conversation that I suggest you reach out. I am so ready to be your photographer! Contact me here. If you want to see the entire gallery of this session please click the link below:


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