Chad & Brittney's Wedding: Intimate Sedona Wedding

Intimate Sedona Wedding

Chad + Brittney

As a wedding photographer, Sedona is one of my favorite locations to shoot an intimate wedding. There is nothing better than watching a couple get married to their closest friends and family. With the most breathtaking views of Red Rocks as their background. I was so honored that I was chosen for this special occasion by the couple because Chad is a well-known DJ in the valley. You can check out his website by clicking here. Now on to the details of this wedding!

The Venue

Chad and Brittney got married at the beginning of the summer at the gorgeous Sky Ranch Lodge, which is a charming lodge in Sedona. They chose Sky Ranch Lodge because it’s so cozy and relaxed and they could personalize it. I love shooting weddings at Sky Ranch slice because the view is breathtaking. You can see the skyline of all of Sedona and take in all of its glory because of the world-famous Airport Mesa.

The Ceremony

The wedding itself was relaxed, emotional, and a ton of fun. It’s important to make your day about you and who you both are. During the ceremony, they chose to do a symbolic ceremony of tying the knot which only signified their faith in how they want to have God at the center of their marriage.  Incorporating parts of both of you into your day just makes this day even more memorable.

The Reception

The reception was so much fun and they chose a really good DJ that got the party going. It all started with the first dance where Brittney and then moved on to parental dances and this is where we all started crying. I can confirm there was not a dry eye in the place. Line dances and soul train lines were happening all night long.


We had to run and capture sunset photos and both parents grabbed parts of Brittney’s dress. We made our way to the location with only 15 minutes to spare before the sun went down. While we were shooting there was a dress strap malfunction and it turned into the funniest thing of the night. The entire day was filled with so many sweet moments and laughter. I love being able to feel like one of the family members on days like these. This is where real memories are made and I am there to capture them.

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